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Friday, June 21, 2013

This Is The End




"No, no... It's the Father, the Son and the Holy ghost they are all in one, it's like Neapolitan ice cream."

You already should be well aware of the comedy that you are going to get from Seth Rogan and crew.  If SuperBad, Pineapple Express or Observe and Report isn't your choice of broth... then you won’t like this soup.  If you are a fan of Seth’s deadpan comedy, or Jonah’s nice guy but awkward approach, or even Craig Robinson’s soft-voiced efficiently spewed sarcasm, then you may enjoy some of it.  The laugh-O-meter may have jumped twice throughout the entire flick for me,  while the chuckle odometer needle hardly moved.  

        Don’t get me wrong, This Is The End was original to me.  First movie that I can recall that stars real stars! Actors and actresses as themselves. Mix in the Apocalypse and the Rapture and you have something that could have been monumental, instead it was just cute.  The low review can come from the fact that the movie started off really good but couldn't sustain that level throughout.  It could also be that we, the audience, didn't feel like they were in a real direr state because the core group were in goof mode too often for “that “situation.  Or we could just feel that the jokes weren't funny and the ones that were went on way too long.  If you were ever in a joking session with your friends and they joked about something about you and everyone laughs and you reply with a joke of your own about them and you hear crickets but continue to roast them with the same joke louder each time and the joke just get’s worse... well it was kind of like that for some of the comedy in this flick.

        Not a total waste of a movie though.   Like I said earlier, it had its funny moments but that’s because I have a unique sense of humor.  Movies like this aren't supposed to be taken seriously so I didn't.  Everybody is not going to like this movie... can’t say that often enough.   However inaccurate, the semantics used for the rapture in this movie fit for the story.  Had they gone with the truth the movie would've been over before It got started.

     Not worth your hard earned money.  Maybe if you just hit at Bingo or you get a Monopoly style windfall then yes... Other than that, I would wait for it to come out on video.   

         letter grade: C


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