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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Now You See Me





" Catch up agent Rhodes... Catch up"

I   found Now You See Me very intriguing and fun to watch.  From the very beginning this movie reels you in with some very good and one incredible magic trick that literally got me!!  Yes in the auditorium, in Michigan... as it will impress you wherever you are at.  The character build up was short and sweet for every main character so that they can keep us in suspense while dangling on their line.   Around the time they took the metaphorical ‘hook’ out the jaw, I was semi-disappointed. Nice twist, but I was still left empty.  The reasoning for the elaborate stunts is still baffling to me.  A distant departure from very promising & impressive opening scene(s).

         Who was the lead in this movie? I had trouble deciphering between Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson.  I know, at least I think I know... Jesse was the leader but Woody's character had all the attributes of a leader.  Maybe Woody just stole all the scenes he’s in because of his superhuman charisma, it wouldn’t be the first.  Anyone remember how tense No Country For Old Men was until he popped on the screen; Or maybe Friends With Benefits?   In each of these pictures he was not the main character but when his scene starts, you simply cannot not engage.  This power is a good thing especially with his character's occupation in this movie along with the dynamic of this super group of magicians.

    This movie is very much worth watching in the theater.   A treat, especially in the wait for the summer’s real blockbuster giants: Superman Man of steel, Thor 2 and others.  Something tells me that it won’t be as good on home video... *shrugs*

          letter grade: B-

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