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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness




The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

          Star Trek Into Darkness starts off abruptly yet stunningly in a mid-mission crisis that we learn about as the action continues.  All the while rediscovering Captain Kirk's recklessness towards orders versus his incredibly accurate habit of trusting his gut... His greatest strength and weakness.  The opening scene, similar to the previous Star Trek film, sets an astounding pace for you to dip your little toe in before diving into the rest of this masterpiece of a story.   Yes masterpiece. he work done by the writers is nothing less than spectacular.  Considering the perimeters they had to work in from the universe of the Star Trek franchise versus the vast space of uncharted story lines now available with the first movie altering the space time continuum, screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman really deserve more recognition.

          Everyone was casted perfectly, again; Including the villain. Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison made for a superb bad guy.  His calm yet menacing demeanor produces a perfect mix of tension, fierceness, and hurt every time he opens his mouth.  Each time he is on screen it is an event.  Gauging a hero usually depends on the strength of the villain.  It is no wonder that we cheer for the crew of the Enterprise.  In any Star Trek flick, there is always a great danger, this time the danger isn’t just a bad person but, principalities, ethics, morals...  How do you fight all  of them?  How can you?  
         According to,  Benicio Del Toro was in early talks for the role of John Harrison, but eventually declined due to monetary issues. Demián Bichir, Édgar Ramírez and Jordi Mollà were considered afterwards, before Benedict Cumberbatch was finally cast.

         remember this guy?


Jordi Mollà

      Johnny Tapia from Bad Boys 2, Diego Delgado from the movie Blow with Johnny Depp...   I would've LOVED to see him in that role.  Lastly, while I’m speaking on perfect casting jobs, Karl Urban was a perfect casting job for Bones... Perfect!   I thought so with the last Star Trek and it is very much confirmed now.  I enjoyed watching and listening to his bantering & metaphor flinging with Kirk and everyone else through the whole movie...  I wished there were more.  Definitely top 20 in All-time perfect movie casting jobs.
         I’m giving this movie an A+ because I simply have no idea of how it could've been better.  Smart, funny, action, tense, deep, I mean whatever ingredient you can think of for the perfect summer Blockbuster, this movie has it.  The only request that I would have made before they released it is knowing what I know now... It would've been much better had it opened up on Memorial Day weekend.
            reiterating, letter grade: A+
            definitely worth watching and your money.

dedicated to Paul Moore. Miss sharing the joys of film watching with my friend.

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