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Saturday, May 4, 2013






"You know, it's moments like these when I realize how much of a superhero I am."

         Again, these reviews are assessments of the movies themselves and not the adaptation from the [comic] book.  Having saw the movie I enjoyed it.  I feel like this movie is the second best in the Iron man trilogy. In a couple of places I got confused, like at the bar & grill scene where he obtained some pertinent information...  That whole scene just seemed like it was a big coincidence or I missed something. Which is alright because it adds to the rewatchability...  Make no mistake, for the few times I questioned the movie there were 4 times as many moments where I was pleasantly surprised.

          If anything, Ironman 3 answers the debate of Man vs. Machine.  His heroism has come into question many times before.  Finally it’s the question of does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit?  You’ll get your answer in the theater.

         Lastly, this is a little gripe of mine that I wish I could forward to the producers of all these Marvel comics movies... The insertion of comedy in serious situations are suppose to be few to none.  Sometimes less is more.  In the past it has worked, for example, what if the Hulk doesn’t say “puny god” as he walks off from beating Loki to a pulp in The Avengers... given it was funny but you didn’t need it. Tony Starks is funny and I know that’s his personality but I would like to see more seriousness when death is imminent. That’s my 1 cent.

          Definitely a movie worth watching.  I enjoyed it in the IMAX 3D...  A wonderful experience and worth the price hike in my opinion.  Might seem a little long to some so prepare for that and by now you should know to stay after the credits for the bonus feature in Marvel comic book movies.

            letter grade: B

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