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Tuesday, April 2, 2013




$$ and a 1/2


      Was it predictable? Yes.  Acting sub-par? Yes.  Did the subject matter break any new ground? No, but was it interesting?... emphatically yes!
      If you saw the trailer you knew what the main plot was, we were just waiting for it to unfold.  When it happens you instinctively try to reason certain decisions being realistic or fantasy along with the consequences. Then you compare them to what you think you would of done in that same situation.  I like movies like that.  Movies that make you analyze life. Movies that you can discuss in the car ride back home. After all, isn't that the weightier reason we go to the show? and I answer myself:  Hollywood doesn't think so.... I think they feel we want to be entertained ALL of the time.
           The Theater was packed Saturday. I sat next to three ladies in their 50's, maybe older, on my left.  They weren't loud or rude about it but they had knee-jerk commentary throughout the entire movie.   There was a part in the movie where the husband was watching a game and his wife made a certain decision to leave out the house for a minute. When that happened the woman next to me uttered "see, see, he deserved to be cheated on" (no spoiler) but that evoked so much emotion in me that I had to turn and just stare at her a bit... My thinking was "how dumb can you be?", but I respected her opinion and didn't say anything and turned back to the screen.... She didn't say much throughout the rest of the movie though the point is: The picture did it's job if we are reacting to it... I dare to attribute all these reactions that I mentioned earlier as proof that there is substantial "substance" to the movie.
    worth watching at the theater.
grade: C+ 

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