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Monday, April 15, 2013





"You have my heart."

         That quote was said more than once from Jackie to his wife in this phenomenal breathtaking bio pic. It also just so happens to be the underlining feeling as you leave the auditorium.
         From the very start, when Harrison Ford's Branch Rickey announced that he would do the unconventional, the unpopular, the most basically treasonous most unamerican act at the time... He told his staff that he would hire a black athlete... Then he gave this goofy grin :], a grin of approval to his own words.  I was hooked right there.  
          Being one of my most favorite actors, I don't see how he's not the early favorite for the Oscars next year.  Everything Harrison did on screen was an event by itself.  Not to mention all the young acting talent that surrounded him. Chadwick Boseman and Nicole Beharie gave exceptional performances as Mr and Mrs. Jackie Robinson.  Both deserve Oscar nominations as well. 
         Riding an emotional roller coaster throughout and paralyzed with sheer awe of incredible film making, it was more than clear why this film was titled 42 and not "The Jackie Robinson Story" or "Baseball's Hero".  This film's depth and substance was not limited to sports or even social change, but it polarized for us the human spirit. Yet without the expense of coming across too preachy or fact shooting. Just an awesome screenplay, that told a great story, about incredible men that helped shape this nation and ultimately the world... Oh, and it happens to be all be true.
       Baseball is a world sport now.  It is also as American as any sport could be.   It is very difficult for me to watch it especially at home, I'll be the first to admit.  However, I play it whenever I get the opportunity.  Something about a ball park that's more than nostalgic, I don't even know how describe it.  Some films do a remarkable job at recreating that feeling.  The essence of grass and sun, the sound of the ball coming off the bat "SsssTOK!", traditional baseball jingles "take me out to the baaaall game..." or just the sound of the ice-cream truck behind a sandlot42 captured the substance of baseball in every manor I can think of.  I'm not exaggerating when I say my love for the game has been rekindled. 
     I don't know if any CGI was used which is the very mark of it being used correctly.  No nudity scenes, excessively foul language or over-the top action scenes... In this era of movie making where ANYONE with money can make a visually stunning movie, It's so hard to call a film  "one of the greatest" and I know it's still early but prepare yourself for what I believe could be the greatest baseball film ever.  Also one of the best films ever made.  You decide.

     worth watching. letter grade: A+ 

Dedicated to my cousin Lynn for taking me to my first Tigers game with Danny when I was little.  Love you!  

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