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Monday, March 4, 2013





"You did this... You did this"

          Watching the the theatrical trailers before the main feature started I noticed something... The Rock [Dwayne Johnson] has been a busy man,  I'd say 3 out of 5 of the movies coming out has the Rock in it.  Which is a good thing because I've always like The Rock, especially from his wrestling days.  His charisma and energy and humor always made me tune in to what he was doing.  His film career as well... All though he has played serious roles before ["Grid Iron Gang" (another 'surprise' film)], you've never saw the Dwayne Johnson like this!  This vulnerable, this used... this heroic.
          How far would you go to save your son is the post-film convo for the ride home.  Even if you don't have any children you can't help but wonder. 
          I've said it so many times before, the best endings are the ones you don't see coming.  The arc of Dwayne's character, the depth of his convictions about snitching, as well as the people's lives affected by one decision is incredible to watch. 
            Everyone in the film were interesting.  I dare to say there was not one dull moment.  Tense all the way thru.  I loved it.  SNITCH is worth every penny.  I suggest you buy the pop at the gas station and get some Popcorn at the concession stand and enjoy this one.

           letter grade: A

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