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Friday, March 29, 2013






"The man that did this to me... I want you to kill him."

     Went in expecting a really good thriller and that's JUST what I got!  From a pretty intense and detailed trailer one would think that I understood the gist of the film, which I did but there was more to the plot that I pleasantly discovered as I watched.
     Dark, mysterious, and not 'too' over-the-top Dead Man Down ended up being one of the better movies made this year.  Great performances from Colin Farrell (what else is new?), Noomi Rapace, Dominic Cooper (one of the most underrated actors in this generation), and especially Terrence Howard. One could argue that Terrence put on one of his best and most fierce performances.  There is some hurt deeply embedded in Terrence, you can just tell! He was a perfect bad guy and made a worthy opponent for the hero.  If you want to base revenge movies off of "strength of villain"then Dead Man Down tops the list!
     Impressive all around.  I wasn't "blown away" by it just engulfed in the mystery, mesmerized a bit at the darkness (neo-noir), and intrigued at the plot and sub-plot.  Needless to say I was "all-in" till the end.

     I'm so glad the trailer didn't tell the whole story. In fact there was parts in the trailer that I was waiting for on screen that never happened, I love that misdirection.

Usually when this sign...
is affiliated with movies you expect sub-caliber scripts and mindless action... not anymore.  This new era of movie making is scary.  Yes Hollywood still doesn't take enough risks with original screenplays and talent but honestly... It's been a while since I saw a terrible flick.

Worth Watching