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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Les Misérables (2012)

/l ˌmɪzəˈrɑːb/

 "The Miserable Ones"




"I had a dream my life would be so different from this hell I'm living!"

          Musicals... Blah! The only genre that I dislike more is horror. I have terrible memories of  being forced to sit and be still while the Sound of Music made it's annual rerun on the networks. Same for Mary Poppins, or field trips to see Pollyanna, Annie, or Oliver Twist.  What I loathed more than anything was the ability they all had to capture my attention and right when I'm leaning forward with wide eyes wondering what will happen next... they break out into song, yet again. I dare to use the adjective: misery as I reminiscence... just pure torture.  I do, however, remember a couple that I loved at first view. The Blues Brothers was one, why?  I don't remember except that I recall really loving the music, plus it took place in my hometown of Chicago. Same thing for the Wizard of Oz except, of course, I have no ties with Kansas... Which leads me to Les Mise.
                    As soon as the movie gets underway I'm involved. The pace was unexpectedly fast... and there's singing. A lot of singing.... every line uttered singing.  In fact, I struggle to remember a line from this film that was spoken and because the dialog was to song, it was very difficult to follow the story at times.  I had to read the synopsis from WikipediaSome parts left me confused. I mean they sung EVERYTHING! Each and every single character sang their lines, so some explanations I did not hear, which rendered me lost when certain circumstances happened Even though I was adrift at seas, the movie supplied light houses throughout.  By context of the film itself I'm able to understand where the movie was headed.  I can not deny there was a sense of  completion after revisiting the plots through the different acts on Wikipedia though.
                  I've always had a certain curiosity about the play.  It would come to town and I'd miss it every time.  So when the thought of it coming to my local theater became a reality I just knew that I'd take advantage of the opportunity to finally see this story. I did and boy was it everything that I thought it would be and way more!      
                 Anne Hathaway gave her performance of a lifetime. I thought that I'd seen her definitive work in The Dark Knight Rises.... Little did I know. I'm sure that she'll pick up an award once the Oscars get underway.    

Worth watching. Letter grade A-