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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gangster Squad




" Every man wears a badge. " 

      Stylish, gritty, and just enough gore to keep the kids out.  I don't have much to write about because this movie is wholly an ode to the 'classic' gangster films.... Tommy guns rattling off a barrage of bullets from Duesenbergs to Packard Clipper Eight coupes just lanes apart... hitting absolutely nothing.  There is nothing new about this motion picture but that is not a bad thing.
        At first glance Sean Penn looks more caricature than villain but honestly...  I have to always remember that Sean Penn is, naturally, a caricature of himself!  He did a wonderful job as Mickey Cohen. As a matter of fact everyone in the movie did a superb job of portraying their characters.

         I wish there was a "throwback" Oscar given out... I can easily see the bluray being watched at home while drinking a malt shake, Burger and fries...   

 Nice flick, and marginally worth your money... more so as matinee or video. C+

bonus: If you liked this movie or this type of movie... check out this game called  L.A. NOIRE... you'll thank me later, even if you don't play video games... Trust me.  I wager my movie rep on it ;)