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Friday, November 16, 2012


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 "To hell with duty, I'll quit when the bloody job is done."

 Shotgun movie review mode over, destination arrived.  Bias alert:  Good or bad my review may be influenced by the nature of my fan-hood towards this franchise.  I've always loved 007 movies and it appears that I always will, let me begin...

     I wish the trailer did not elude to the whole resurrection thing.  I believe had Skyfall went the way of The Dark Knight Rises whereas you really don't know if this is going to be the last one or not, we may have been in for a better ride sitting in the auditorium 'Popcorn and Pop' in hand. Still, I saw the all the things I love about the James Bond movies packed into this one.  With all the reviews I heard about this being the greatest out of all of them, I'm still fuzzy about why I wasn't blown away.

    The reboot of the 007 saga was not met with the greatest of enthusiasm six years ago, particularly among the fans... Especially with newcomer Craig Daniel as the marquee hero.  It wasn't until we actually seen what they were trying to accomplish did most of us start to receive him as the newest Bond.  This was necessary for the age of Hollywood heroism we were in at the time.  In that year Jason Bourne reigned as top assassin/hero... Even people like me wondered if Bourne was better than Bond [ Bond vs. Bourne ] just five years ago. From Casino Royale (which I personally like the best out of ALL of them), to Quantum of Solace (I believe didn't get a fair shake by most), you can see the gradual process from Bond's raw mechanics and brute strength when dealing with the enemy to a more streamlined, smart/effective approach. He's transforming into the familiar Bond that we've all come to know and love.   Even in the trailer for Skyfall, at one point you see him descend through a blown up roof of a train, land, then adjust his cuff link.  Also, you'll notice in the trailer that he received his signature weapon, the PP7 which is used more so for precision than the machine guns that he used in his first two films.  

         I remember in the theater after all the previews finished and  right before the show started, I looked over at my friend and said "I'm ready to walk out right now!"(joking).  Because all this build up has been a ride within itself.

     The show started and I watched intently . The film ended and I thought I would want more but I didn't.  I wanted to have loved it more but the reality is I liked it.  Skyfall had all the traits that I expected from a Bond film, exotic locations, beautiful girls, an original villain and intense action...

As I'm writing this I'm thinking just maybe what I was looking for was a plot twist(s).  One that I didn't see coming. The only thing memorable about this film was a very eloquent tale about these rats on an island told by Silvia played by Javier Bardem. Extremely intriguing metaphor as the story cunningly maps out his intent, describes his ideology and explains why Bond is there.

Skyfall is worth the price of admission.

Letter grade: B

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