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Monday, November 19, 2012





"Shall we stop this bleeding?"

   It was mesmerizing alone just watching Daniel Day-Lewis transform into Abe Lincoln.  Out of all the diaologe and great acting from all characters involved, the thing that sticks days after leaving the theater is the incredible job that was done portraying Lincoln.  The make-up, the wardrobes, inflections in the voice, Daniel's keen attention to details that transferred to screen perfectly.  Lets not forget the camera work and all the great shots of Abe in shadows and cinematography.  This has to be the best job I've seen of an actor/actress morphing into his/her character since Jamie Fox did Ray, or even Will Smith in
Ali... I'll even go as far as to say Denzel in X.  They might as well give Daniel the Oscar right now.

     The movie itself was very interesting to watch.  The purpose was to inform and mission accomplished.  I'm not a history buff so I took the movie for what it was worth.  They really did a good job of showing the political machine there in Washington and how all the knobs and sprockets and gears worked., especially while trying to get something passed.  I heard some political pundits say it is the same even now.  You could substitute that amendment from then, with the Obamacare now... I wouldn't be surprised.

Definitely Worth your money... beware if your an action hound, you'll find little to none here.

letter grade: A

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