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Thursday, November 29, 2012





"This is the best bad plan we have, sir."

I have to stop going to the movies so late.  I, regrettably, fell asleep on this captivating film and trust me... It  wasn't the film, I saw it on Black Friday @ 11pm and was just really tired... never again.  Because I didn't see all of it I can not justly letter grade it but I can review what I saw.

Argo, is an intense look into the 1979 Iranian invade of the U.S Embassy.  One event in history that I've always been curious about.  This film clarified a few points and entertained me all at the same time.
  I have to say that the set, clothing, and all the shooting locations were very authentic 70's.  It felt as if Ben Affleck and company had access to a time machine and carbon copied it on film.  Great job by the producers and such.  It would not surprise me at all if Argo won a few Oscars just on Best Cinematographer  and Best Costume Design alone.  

Really impressed with this one and can't wait to properly re-watch the parts that I missed.  Definitely worth your buck and your something much more precious... your time.

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