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Sunday, September 9, 2012





"If the good Lord let me live, I'll die in Detroit."

      I've seen documentaries before and mostly all of them are meant to inform or encourage. Detropia does both and with a symphony of some of the most stunning post-manufacturing apocalyptic imagery that you've ever saw.  Stuff that stays with you and causes you to care long after you leave the theater.  Stuff that hits home... for some more than others.  Me especially because this is home.

   From the time it came on I was locked in and naming all the sites in my mind as they came across the screen.  From the ruins of the old Cass Tech high school, to the individual streets and districts.  I got all but one right.  The way I found that out is I went to visit one of the stars of the movie and asked her.  Crystal Starr is a video blogger.  Her cafe is located on the side of the Opera house and watching the movie I was thinking to myself that I've walked in or pass there at least 50 times.  She was one of three of the residents of  the city that took us on the Detropia journey.  All three did a phenomenal job.

     Everything was real, looked real, felt real... the only thing I believe to be rehearsed was a UAW meeting.  For the sake of your viewing experience while watching this masterpiece I won't spill what the meeting was about but you can put 2 and 2 together by watching the trailer.  I've been to these types of UAW meetings and trust me... things are a bit more 'intense' than what we saw on that screen... petty, nit-picking even; This film was, as a whole, authentic and I hope that all will get a chance to see it.
I've never saw a story filled with so much tragedy and leave you with so much hope.

Worth Watching.

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