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Friday, April 20, 2012

Red Tails




 It is very hard to believe that someone out there may have anticipated the release of Red Tails more than me.  While waiting for it, I debated with myself whether or not I should write about it.  I just knew that I would give a biased review.  The trailer had me sold, scratch that, the teaser instantly took hold of me, and this was last year.  Not only was my favorite Movie Director apart of it but the fact that he was back after all these years led me to believe that Lucas was going to unravel a masterpiece.  As the  release date crept closer I'm tying myself up so that I don't explode.  Changing my profile picture to the Red Tails banner on Facebook.  I did a count down on this blog .  I ab-so-lutely couldn't wait to get out of work that Friday so that I could shoot right to the theater for the 7 O'clock showing.

   Once I settled in and the movie started my jaw dropped while the beauty of gorgeous B-52 bombers filled the screen... A lot like how The Empire Strikes Back started. Red Helvetica plain-text credits interupted the bliss followed by the banter of the actors which caused me to close my mouth and ultimately sit thru the rest of the movie low-browed.  There were a few exceptions and some of the most thrilling dog fights that I've seen in cinema but... I was expecting more.

     In no way do I want to "shoot down" this effort by George Lucas but I have to be honest.  Hopefully next time his focus group will consist of people not of his entourage... or Aaron McGruder's.



Interesting facts:
 George Lucas began developing Red Tails around 1988 but was unable to secure funding from any major studio, as any he approached believed that producing a film featuring an all black cast would be unmarketable. As a result, Lucas ended up funding the project with his own money, investing $58 million into the production of the film, and a further $35 million towards marketing

A prequel and a sequel are planned. George Lucas wants Lee Daniels and Spike Lee to direct them, respectively.