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Friday, November 18, 2011



"In peacetime, sons bury their fathers. In wartime, fathers bury their sons... are we at war father?"


arefully is the way I want to approach this write up.  Hopefully at the end of this movie shake-down, I won't discourage you from seeing this flick.  It truly was a pretty good movie and DEFINITELY worth every penny.  My letter grade for it is a B-.  I just have some issues when watching flicks where the hero may be touched, influenced, or helped by a mythological god... let me explain...
          Through the journey of movie watching, the hero is usually defined as an average person going above and beyond for something greater than himself. It is that plight that we cheer.  Normally, there is some great obstacle or  tragedy that the hero to be has to overcome and we all, normally, can relate to the great obstacle.

  That's what makes these types of films so great! We can, most times, relate to the predicament of the hero.
     To me, if Zuess decided to help any individual, then that person should emerge as a pretty special person. That's why the hero of this movie didn't resonate with me as much as say.... King Leonidas from 300.  Even Achilles from the movie TROY was allegedly 'favored' by the gods because he was such an elite killer.  No time in that movie did we see him being influenced by these higher powers.

In a nutshell, this movie was not inspiring at all.


   It was fun seeing Stephen Dorff playing a good guy.  Him playing the 'wildcard' character was at the least, satisfying for those of us that are use to seeing him as a villain.   Speaking of which, Mickey Rourke played a pretty good villain... again.  If only he could stop mumbling his lines I could understand a complete thought. I can make out bits and pieces but I'm sure that I've missed out on some great quotables simply because I could understand what it was I was hearing. 

   Aside from that, there were some minor concerns that I won't bore you with... Lets just say the major concern was a very questionable decision made by the virgin oracle. Other than that, I feel like I'm knit-picking.

      The art, on the other hand, was truly remarkable; Oscar quality stuff.  Many beautiful wide angle shots captured a majestic landscape while throats were being slashed and eyes being gorged. The costumes and garments enticed even the most lethargically imaginative mind.... The priest in the movie wore one of the most imaginative whimsically religious hats near the beginning of the movie.  That gave me a small hint to the incredible art direction that was to follow. 

   I applaud the producers for going with the "R" rating.

   Lastly, it was really cool getting a glimpse of the new "Superman"...  I can't put my finger on it but he has a certain 'way' about himself that reminds me of a younger Christopher Reeves.

   Reiterating, this movie earns a B- from me.  I also deem this movie as worth watching and if you have the means, the 3D version is a pretty good investment... as I see it.


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