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Thursday, October 27, 2011




 Very disappointed with the effort, the execution, and John Singleton for releasing a pile of substandard mess and lowering his legacy.  Honestly, I know why he did it and why he marketed it to the teenage crowd.  I just expect ground-breaking ideas from him even when crossing over to pop-style cinema.   

          His Illegal Tender is an excellent example of that.  Too bad he took primarily the same idea of that movie and swapped out great acting and unexpectedness for shallow talent and a predictable script.

     I tried not to take it too seriously and chalked it up as an action flick... but not only was the action few and far in between but the overall action wasn't that inspiring at all.  My friend and I sat low-browed through that entire ordeal and even a shirtless Taylor Lautner couldn't make her forget that we just sat thru a hour and a half of torture... yes torture because I'm expecting it to get better (for whatever reason... oh yeah, John singletons signature is on this one) and it NEVER does.

    Shame on whoever had the nerve to say this is suppose to rival the Bourne series.... That's crazy.

    Definitely not worth your dollar unless your a teenage girl.  This movie gets a D and that's being extremely nice John.  I forgive you, just don't let this... happen again.


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