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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Zookeeper


" Lead with your pudding cup."


      So when this screenplay ended up on the production company's desk, I'm not sure why they green lit it but I'm sure that it had a lot to do with Kevin James.   This script offers nothing new.  The story has been redone so many times.  The concept of talking animals is a long way from 'ground-breaking'; and there were very few surprises.

     ... but I liked it.

     Maybe, I liked it because it was a return to the Kevin James that I laughed at from King of Queens. That Kevin James that I hadn't seen since he did Hitch

     Maybe it was because the animals were actually funny and all the physical stunt humor that Kevin pulled off actually worked ( wait till you hear whose voices are behind the animals, I was pleasantly surprised at the caliber of actors/actresses that are doing this type of work).

     Perhaps it was a combination of all those things and somehow, this cast of animals and humans just had that certain chemistry to pull this movie off. I dunno, all  I know is I had a good time watching The Zookeeper and wouldn't mind watching it again.  Kids should get a kick out of it for sure.  Well, worth your money , I give it a B.


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