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Friday, June 3, 2011

Water For Elephants


Water for Elephants New Trailer by teasertrailer


          Water for Elephants is a romantic adventure devoid of moral ethics which made it hard to feel sympathy or connect with the main characters.  I don't want to put the overall morality shallowness of Hollywood on one movie.  It does seem like in today's effort to 'push the envelope' the anything goes mindset takes shotgun while decency, moral ethnics and what ever else that is important in life gets shoved to the back seat.

          At times, it seemed as if director Francis Lawrence snatched bits and pieces from other movies. I saw a lot of similarities to Titanic and even a scene carbon copied from Inglorious Basterds.  
Christoph Waltz was brilliant. Reese Witherspoon dazzled me more than I thought she would going into the movie. Even Rob Pattinson performed exceptional well.

          The story itself was a good one and a pretty original one.  Definitely had the DNA of a classic but earlier mentioned deficiencies prohibited that from happening.  All in all, the movie is worth watching if you've caught up with your "must-see's".  I give Water for Elephants a B-.


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