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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hangover Part II




          Honestly, I laughed.... I laughed quite a few times, but those moments were few and far in-between.  What filled those moments unaccounted for?  Cheap /shallow humor and a lazy, very lazy script.

           I understand the logic, I really do...  Somewhere in a boardroom prior to the production of HangOver II,  the aim to NOT veer from the winning formula of the first Hangover was the 'safe' idea...  and probably made a lot of sense on paper....
Oh boy! It didn't translate to screen very well at all!!!

        All the attributes from the first movie that made us love the ride was regurgitated.  So instead of us being as lost as they were and finding clues together in Los Vegas, we are now reduced to waiting for the pattern of chaos to complete itself in Thailand.  A far cry from what we were expecting from the creative minds that wowed us just 2 years ago...

           For the handful of people that didn't see number 1, they might get a kick out of all the action and activity but if you're not one of those four people, you're more than likely going to be disappointed.  As for me, I would of given the movie a C+ despite the uncreativeness but simply put:  There are way too much frontal nudity for it to be a guy flick and a scene [that never seemed to end] where let's just say,  THEY WENT TOO DOGGONE FAR.
          Hangover II  isn't worth your hard-earned money...  D-


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