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Tuesday, June 7, 2011





Biggest Surprise of the Summer!!!!

           I have the strangest feeling that you won't have a better time in the theater this summer.... probably for a few summers. I can't remember laughing this hard or this much since I saw Friday at the theater back in 1995.  A completely different movie but yielded that exact result from me just the same.

           All the characters were interesting and distinctive enough for you to relate to somebody you know in your own life. Great story and very imaginative with the situational comedy. Something that the shallow and lazy Hangover II could of benefited from, we'll get into that later.  Great one-liners and a few unpredictable twists.

          Who would thought!?  I'm so glad I took a chance on this flick. Looking forward to gong back and seeing it again. 

          With all the summer sizzle movies and big blockbusters still underway this summer, a [regular] budgeted movie is just what the doctor ordered to keep us [the audience] honest.  It just so happens that this counter-balance ending up tipping the scale.

          This movie is definitely an A grade flick.  Do yourself a favor .


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