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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Teacher



           Not only was it mind-numbing and predictable but I only remember chuckling 3 times [maybe 4].  Those instances were spread evenly throughout the entirety of this flick.  One at the beginning, one dab smack in the middle and one at the very end.  Mind you I said chuckle and not laugh... although there's this one scene with Justin Timberlake doing his part to promote safe sex that had me actually laugh but that was it.  

         Thank goodness for Jason Segel. He helped make the movie... watchable. His rant with the little black kid about Micheal vs. LeBron was a disappointment though.  I thought there would be more to it but it wasn't.  Had they not showed that part in ALL the trailers I could of seen myself laughing at it giving my laugh total a whopping 4 [maybe 5]!!! 

          Where this movie fails at is there is no sympathy for Elizabeth [Cameron Diaz], so ultimately we are waiting for her demise, practically hoping for it.  Unlike say... Bad Santa, where the jokes ARE actually funny and you feel for Billy Bob Thornton.  You can relate to his situations and conflicts where with Elizabeth, you have to be a heartless, scandalous, self-absorbing shallow prick to find ANY of her situational humor either funny or interesting.  During her character arcing, predictably she tries to change and it's just nerve wrecking.

This movie isn't worth your time and less than that... your money.  C-

Not a total failure because of some help by Timberlake and  Segel... but if I was you, I'd wait till school is out and hit the DVD.


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