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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)


"I had... stirrings"

          Going into the theater that day I had certain... 'feelings/concerns' about what it was that I was about to see. Would it be a continuation of the headache from the third installment? Would it be a revisit to the origins of fun and adventure that we've come to cherish from this franchise? I didn't know until the first 15-20 minutes into the show.  I went from sea-sickness to sea -giddiness in a heart beat, allow me to explain...
           We embarked on the adventure from a new venue. A theater so brand new that the new-office smell was still permeating from our clothes on the ride home.  The EMAGINE theaters opened up a new location in Royal Oak, Michigan.  There, my family and I tried the much talked about D-BOX seats! [<--click]

Although disappointed that the movie wasn't available in 3D with the D-BOX seats, we still were anxious to try them out.  When the movie started and the seats started to rock back and forth, I looked down the row and all I could see was white teeth in that dark place! It was like being at a theme park. Needless to say that all that 'rocking' explained the earlier mentioned 'sea-sickness'.  After about 10-15 minutes my body caught it's own equilibrium with the seats and I was able to enjoy the rest of my experience.  Chase scenes (especially with horses), climatic suspenseful scenes, and explosions never felt so good! You're sitting there wondering what else the movie is going to literally throw at you; which therein lies the 'giddiness'.

          The movie itself was on par with awesome.  Even  if your unfamiliar with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise the movie stands on its own so you will be able to follow.  Great one-liners and over-the-top action blended with realistic sea voyages makes even the biggest skeptic bare a grin or two.  Loved the depth and the attention to the back story of the mermaids.

Capt. Jack is played flawlessly by the talented Johnny Depp.  I thought Pene'lope Cruz did a great job of playing Angelica.  Her character was written in extremely well to offset Jacks megalomaniac, self serving , and prideful disposition.  She was at the least, unnerving and unpredictable.  She made ol' Jack... vulnerable.   Ian McShane always makes for the perfect bad guy and even though Disney continues to show us their feeling regarding Christianity, Sam Claflin played the ultimate missionary with some pretty empowering moments.  The rest of the supporting cast served the story well but none more than Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa.

I used to think Aaron Eckhart was the most underrated actor of all time. Albeit he is not appreciated like he should be, Geoffrey Rush is at a close second on that short list... He may even share that number one spot depending what the academy does with the awards this year.  

         Hans Zimmer on the theme music was flawless as always. This cinematic summer is shaping up to be a classic one. Expect box-office record breaking statistics at the end of this year.  I give Pirates of the Caribbean a B+, definitely worth your buck and any extra your may spend on the D-Box seat experience.



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