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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jumping the Broom



I thought this movie was cute.  I probably won't ever cue it up to watch again but I was able to enjoy it once all the predictability got out the way and we wound up thigh deep in the main dilemma.  

I am continually impressed with Paula Patton.  I recently pegged her as the new Halle Berry.  She has every attribute Halle had but Paula is a better talent early in her career.  The talent really came to the surface when the movie needed some emotion.  Laz Alonso really showed up when he had to as well.  Impressive performances from the both of them in spite of a screenplay that was two clicks north of mediocre... actually it wasn't the script but the subject matter.
           Supporting cast played nicely together.  I love the fact that Mike Epps wasn't just placed into a section of the movie but had a nice part to play through the entire flick. Julie Bowen [wedding director] was funny as well.
         I think everyone can relate to something from anyone of the multitude of characters in the movie.  Which enables them to take something away from the screen as you leave and continue your day.  For that fact I'll say that this movie is worth watching and I'll stamp a B- on it because a C+ seems a bit harsh.  I felt the movie was a little bit better than that!


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