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Monday, April 11, 2011





           When I was very young I saw this movie called D.A.R.Y. L. This daunting story was a bout a boy who was also young, 'abnormal' and looking for answers. I think the reason why I will never forget this movie is because it represents the first time I saw the concept of a child's innocence being used a weapon.  In 1985 I was just a child myself and that whole experience was very unnerving. Enter Hanna in 2011. 
I've successfully been been desensitized to adolescent virtue weaponry though a surplus of evil child movies ie. The Good Son, all the Omens, The Orphan, Chucky and who can forget...Home Alone.  So as for a new notion of a "little killer" apparently using her powers for good, per the trailer, I became seriously intrigued.  

'Was she everything I expected?'...

Mmmmmm, I can't honestly say 'better' but this movie was right on par with what I thought it was going to be...  Intense throughout. Passionate when it had to be.  A fairy tale of realism.

          With the Chemical Brothers doing the score music and the girl being of German decent I was put in the mindset of  the famous"Run Lola Run" film. Which therein lies the only huge problem that I had with this film, with all these abilities and years of 'readiness' training ... why run?  That question was answered inside the film. So were a few other questions that spawned up while watching.  By the time the finale came around, I was satisfied and just in time too... kudos to the Director and the writers for such a great conclusion then cut to credits ending !!!  

Even though I would of liked to see more of her lethal fighting [ie. SALT] and more... ruthlessness on her part; I must say that this film is most definitely worth watching, B.


Guest Evaluator Brayden Brandon Cleaver

The brief, unapologetic stare said enough.
But her phrase, “I just missed your heart”, set the tone for Hanna’s detached personality from the film’s onset. She capped the words with a single bullet into her helpless victim.
Unfortunately for Hanna, the film also just missed its marked. It had the makings of a fast paced, espionage type flick, with its main cold-blooded killer a predestined 90-pound innocent looking teenage girl. But that rarity, the uniqueness that brought so many viewers into the theater, was sadly scarce throughout the movie.

Hanna was built to kill. Plain and simple.
Her genetically altered inception had her pegged as a “Super Soldier”. A lack of feelings and enhanced physical capabilities, coupled with a virtuous face and storybook name all made for the perfect killer, right? Well, if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?
Feeling guilty for the research he had helped with years ago, Hanna’s “father” (played by Eric Bana) took her as a baby before she was destroyed like the other test subjects. Knowing that one day she’d be hunted by Cate Blanchett, a CIA official who also helped with the research, he prepared Hanna for such day.
We were privy to glimpses of the intense training Bana put her through from what we’re left to believe was her whole, young life. She grew up in a forest, away from even something as commonplace as electricity. This helped to show how truly isolated her life was, and in contrast, brought more focus onto Bana’s preparation of Hanna.  But viewers were spoon fed the results of the training and her bio engineered abilities.
Shrouded by a Quentin “Tarentinoesque” soundtrack, you’re given bits and pieces of Hanna’s killer nature. You’re expecting lots of hand-to-hand and maybe weapon filled action, but are frequently served more chase scenes than confrontations.

Why make her training, her frigid-like demeanor, her displaced youth and her overall assassin-like potential such a focal point of the movie, but only give us nominal portions of it?
We’ve seen the super soldier theme before. We’ve seen cold-blooded assassins. We’ve seen intense training sequences. But we hadn’t seen these mixed with someone as unassuming as Hanna.
Due to its average output, despite good potential, Hanna gets $$ for mediocrity.
Where is the perfect mesh of a Jason Bourne when you need it :(


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