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Friday, April 29, 2011



          Arthur started off at an annoying pace. Unfunny, weird predicaments, and one-liners that were more miss than hit.  The only thing that really grabbed what was left of your attention were the outlandish ways Arthur [Brand] spends his millions.  The story seemed predictable enough especially when using applied knowledge from the trailer...  This is were the casting of  Russell Brand works.  When you have a screenplay that bland and that slow to pick up, you need someone to grab the attention of the viewers to get them over the first giant hill of the theatrical roller-coaster. 

Whatever "it" is Russell Brand has a ton of it.  I don't know if it's that British accent or his wisely placed "in-your-face" remarks that often leave you intrigued at the simplicity of his sarcasm; but whatever it is it kept you in your seat wondering what he was going to say/do next.
As you move along in the story we are introduced to the drinking habit, which is like a cherry on top of the sub-par story thus far. Character development seems redundant as we are reintroduced to the same characters over and over again.... Bimbo's, the stern nanny, his cold mother, and  Naomi played by Greta Gerwig.  Naomi and even the nanny [Hobson] played by Helen Mirren were strangely captivating though, especially as the movie went along. 

             I will say about half-way through this movie does a 180.  I mean everyone's character becomes very interesting. The movie starts to form some depth and I'm very much engaged into the story. 

          This movie is very much worth watching if you see it through.  Very impressed with the way the story concluded and it was great seeing Nick Nolte again: B-



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