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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight


So... I saw this trailer and instantly knew, I just KNEW I was going to see this flick if not for anything but the amazing soundtrack.  Everything from the 80's that I loved was being represented in the music. Even in the title screen of the movie I saw the retro 80's font and geometrical cut-outs that defined the style back then... Aha's Take me on video playing in the back. The movie starts with this gigantic Whitney Houston album poster in the background... and Suncoast video... SUNCOAST VIDEO!!!!...bliss. :)
The only problem is the story.  I will admit to probably seeing more movies that I ought to have but any veteran movie goer has seen this plot.  This movie didn't offer any new material or thought to the subject matter.  In my estimate Take me Home Tonight holds the record for the most awkward silences/moments;  Plus a few laughs here and a few chuckles there and the movie is over.
This movie just wasn't worth watching to me I give it a D+

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