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Thursday, March 24, 2011



Paul is Seth Rogen in animation period.  He didn't alter his voice, his slacker-coated sense of humor or his attitude... that was a good thing. Oh! Also Simone Pegg and Nick Frost kept that platinum chemistry while Jason Bateman continues to impress me by each flick that he's in.
Okay, if you thought the story was predictable you were right.  If you saw the scene with the bird in the trailer you will probably be disappointed when you see it again in the movie... it was suppose to be a moment. If you are a Christian you will watch this one low-browed. There are a lot of shots taken at Christianity in this one.  They start off as jokes then become very direct.  Lastly, Paul is a smoker/pot head.  So if you want to guard your little ones against character influence on-screen it may be a great idea to leave them at home... they are not missing anything anyway, trust me.  It'll be better if you pull out a DVD of E.T and retro-culture cultivate your kid instead. 
Warning: rating may be biased because I am a Christian.
 This one gets a  C-

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