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Thursday, March 24, 2011



Limitless was tantalizing. A surreal rush of consequence vs rewards. Bradley Cooper was the turbo boost that propelled this vehicle forward [I know I know, corny metaphor]. All four wheels stayed on the pavement as the story  drifted through winding turns and attacked one hill after another. Dang near every conflict resolution had a centipede effect; You know, if you try and kill a centipede and miss half of it, the other half scurries about and now the problem is even ickier. It seemed as if he would solve one of his problems and they doubled.  Life was coming at him in warp speed and he couldn't slow down even if he wanted to. Hence the camera work at the beginning and title screen which foreshadowed or put you in the mindset of a mental  car with no breaks... honestly, it made me dizzy when they did that... bravo!  Little did I know I somehow I needed that to more so understand Bradley Cooper's dilemma. 
The editing was on point as well as the visual description of free access of thought. Whether it be letters falling from the ceiling while typing or numbers being flipped over in the tiles, they made it very apparent that this guy was indeed limitless.
This movie was better than I thought it would be and ultimately I was impressed with it.  It receives a B+ from me.

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