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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the Holiday


     One great advantage of having a blog is that there are no rules, just guidelines. Although I try to abide by these guidelines and only review theatrical releases, I have been stricken by a whopper of a film that in all of it's definition is a 'chick-flick'.  I don't like chick-flicks which should give you an idea of just how awesome I think this movie is!
     Every now and then there's a great one that slips through the cracks.  You are the last one to see it and wonders why no one said anything... well, I am somebody [according to Jesse Jackson] and I want to past this knowledge on to you!  If you have not yet seen it, get it!
    Even now, right now, I am still submerged in this film.  It's making it hard for me to properly review the releases last weekend.  
   Last night I purchased the soundtrack composed by the great Hans Zimmer.  Google him, you will realize why the music in this love story is paramount to any you've heard before. I've certainly found my wedding music, now all I need is that pesky bride. :)  well, maybe not, let me hit replay.
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