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Thursday, March 17, 2011



         Conroy-  Imagine waking up after a good nap. You stumble towards the kitchen and hit the power button on the television remote side-arm style while throwing it towards the couch as you proceed into the fridge. You hear your most trusted news media say that the tsunami and earthquakes were NOT caused  by natural events but was a deliberate attack against Japan.  Imagine your thought process at that moment. Now imagine you are a resident of Japan hearing this... What comes next is a lot of real panic... and a lot of great entertainment.
      This was clearly the most anticipated movie for this year and some of last year for me. They pitched the plasma out this film and had me salivating all the way to my theater seat so forgive me is this review seems a little biased... I didn't even get any popcorn. 
It's hard to specify a genre to judge the movie from. Anything with aliens in it is Sci-Fi I suppose but we were looking at a military/war piece. Both strategic view points and artillery that was zipping past the heads of the heroes and enemies leads me think epic-war picture... which is exactly what a great film does! Gunshots in the distance then silent... soldiers scoots over a little bit to get a peek and enemy fire zings past his ear!  Emphatically yes, I was impressed. After the character development the movie hit the accelerator . The only times that you are able to gather yourself were during some pretty deep and memorable moments with the civilians and another with a marine with a heavy heart.  Aaron Eckhart was phenomenal as usual. He's one of the few actors that can dunk the ball without the lob in ANY picture.
       This movie is DEFINITELY worth watching. this movie earns a solid A. Now, here's where I may become a bit biased, because I don't normally give out all 5 McGuffins unless it's a real game changer... I'm prepared to revisit this decision later but Battle:Los Angeles receives ALL five from this reviewer!


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