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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau


The Adjustment Bureau is a faction that you don't want to see in action.  Watching them carry out orders for the 'chairman' from the confines of your theater seat is close enough.  By the way, the similarities between these "angels/henchmen" and the agents doing the good work for the Architect in the Matrix series were almost on par.  One of the larger reasons why the last installment of the Matrix movies failed was because the story tried entirely too hard to make sense of itself.  One of the reasons I liked the AB is that they didn't try and make sense of the bureau, they just are.
Admit tingly, the 'rules of engagement' are a little shallow when it comes to the amount of imagination it took to come up with this plot...  Only, the movie doesn't injure itself enough not to get back on the field.  This was more of a love story than it was a cerebral labyrinth.
  This is one of the flicks that you are suppose to have fun with even though the movie takes itself seriously.  This is also a piece of work that you don't know whether to call it a film or a movie.  Rest assured whatever you want to call it, you won't call it a waste of your time.
This movie was definitely worth watching and I give it a B+!

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