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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am Number Four



Honestly, I have learned some pertinent information by re-watching this trailer. Information that I wanted while in the theater.  The movie was vague at first, then it slowed down a lot. However, the paced picked up near the end from moderately to and incredible pace. In fact the ending was dang near perfect for the kind of movie this is.  Midway through, it began to feel too teen-age-gery, which may have been the target audience but everyone should be able to appreciate the action as well as the developing story as the movie roars to it's finale.
  I am Number Four reminds me of Jumper [with Hayden Christensen] but with more... more of... everything.  Looks like it's destined to be a Cult classic but I am Number Four has potential that Jumper didn't.  It will be interesting to know how the public views/accepts this movie.

side note:  This movie produced the best 'pet' since Gozer's Demon Dogs from the original Ghostbusters

This movie is worth it, I give it a B+.


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