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Thursday, February 24, 2011




  I must admit that I had zero intentions of seeing this flick, especially at the theater. Ballet, or any dance type movie just doesn't appeal to me. Mix in the creepy trailer and it was all set in my head that I might view it one day if a future girlfriend corners me in with the ultimatum... 
Very seductive, very exotic and hauntingly exciting.  Trying to differentiate between fantasy and reality is only one of the test and trials the  viewers endure while digesting some of the most phenomenal cinema to grace a scene in some time.  From the relationship with her mom to the alleged love triangle, piecing this movie together was a monster of work albeit sweat-less labor. The direction of the film was dang near perfect.  All you really have to do is sit down and watch the anomaly of emotions unravel into a work of art!
I learned a lot about the craft of ballet from watching this film and I really appreciate that.  It is ALWAYS satisfying to leave the theater with more than you came in with.
Films earns an A from me.


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