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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Rite

The Pitch


The View
The Rite is a movie that you've seen before if you're into exorcism movies. Where this one differs from the ones I've seen in the past is the back in forth between religion and psychology.  That debate made for an interesting film.  Couple that with some nice cinematography and intense scenes that propel themselves at you even though you know their coming... and you have some very good times while sitting there.
Much has been made about Anthony Hopkins role in this film, I liked him...  His performance reminded me of Bruce Willis playing Jon McClane in the last Die Hard flick [Live Free or Die Hard].  There is a certain bravado, seemingly almost arrogant that I'm noticing with those two now. This may turn some people off which would explain the negative feedback that I've heard.  Never the less  Mr. Hopkins played [one of] the perfect roles to me for his skill set. 
This movie earns a B from me.

The Worth