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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tron : Legacy

The Pitch


The View
I saw this film and 3D and was blown away!!!  Never saw the first one [for some odd/dumb reason] and really had no intentions on seeing this one; I'm so glad I did.
 First, the film is going to let you know that it was made without the 3D in mind yet, I couldn't imagine seeing this without the 3D! Trust me! It's worth the extra $2!!
No reason for me to go into all the reasons why people including myself devoured this film. Just know that Walt Disney is amazing, just when you thought you where desensitized to technology and eye candy, they show you that you haven't even been around the block yet.
This film gets a solid A out of me.  Even though Sam Flynn walks like a 'Jim  Carrey' superhero once the electron suit goes on... sorry folks I just had to address that, did anybody else notice that? lol

The Worth

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