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Friday, December 31, 2010


The Pitch

The Viewing
Everything that was pitched in the trailer is a small indication of what you're going to get when viewing this movie. Man!!!... 
Before getting into this beautiful symphony of sci-fi meets unsuspecting real world, I  have to ask my audience if they've seen Watch the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles (2011) ?
If not go right ahead[click the link above]. After you've finish bucking your eyes tell me, what is the technical term used for movies that beat the 'Blockbusters' to the punch with their own rendition of the same movie?  Deep Impact did it to Armageddon, Killers[which was no where NEAR as good to the blockbuster] did it to Knight and Day and now Skyline beating Battle: Los Angeles to the punch... feel free to leave a comment if you know the answer or you think you know the answer :) thanks!
There have been so many conflicting arguments about this film, namely the ending.  I respect both sides of the argument but one thing that no one can sell me or lie to me on is the intrigue; ESPECIALLY when the true plot jumps off.  No matter what you've been told NO ONE could predict what was going to happen next unless they had read/saw a spoiler.  
I personally LOVE decision based movies ie: The MIST where no decision is necessarily the wrong one but still you must choose. Most times the ultimate decision that is made is based on the character's makeup morality, upbringing, training, ect.
This movie had all the things that I thought I would get out of this film plus more..The direct opposite of my District 9 experience, in fact those these two films should swap names.  District 9 belongs tagged to a masterpiece not a piece of mass... 
I know, corny but there it is :)
This film gets an A.

The Worth

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