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Friday, December 31, 2010


The Pitch


The View
     Anika Noni Rose, Anika Noni Rose, and Anika Noni Rose...smh, when will she EVER get the credit that is due her? I will admit, I hadn't totally fell in love with her works as I am now previous to the viewing of this movie. I have heard all the hoopla surrounding this film, the war of words between men and women, the Tyler Perry debate(s) but lets talk about the extraordinary performances by ALL the actors and actresses in this film.  I can not remember ever seeing a film when I thought everyone on screen deserved some sort of recognition; So, since I try to keep these reviews brief, I'll only mention the first few that made me shake my head in disbelief at how good they were: 
ANIKA NONI ROSE, maybe I mentioned her before lol... Not only was her performance believable and unbelievably good at the same time, but engaging and consuming, she pulled it all off seemingly effortlessly. Of all the characters in this movie her's stayed in my heart the most.
MICHAEL EALY, not sure if he benefited from a wonderfully written script but he knocked this role out the park! 
PHYLICIA  RASHAD, she always brings excellence to every role she partakes also an assortment of warmness... Now, I'm not sure if it was her or her character but Gilda [Phylica Rashad] is what EVERY community needs. If you call it being nosy, I call it getting involved. Every society, neighborhood, populace benefits from the wisdom of it's elders. 
Kimberly Elise and Thandie Newton tends to continually be type casted for the exact roles that they've played in this movie. Reasoning is that they continue to knock these kinds of roles out the flipping park!  I wonder if I've seen a film without Kimberly in tears? I dunno... that's neither here nor there, moving right along. Kimberly Elise's character is the most powerful in this movie according to most of the people I talked to .  I definitely can see why but Anika Noni just grabbed me more so.   Janet Jackson really put out a wonderful performance despite what you may have heard.  I don't know why folks are always so pessimistic when it comes to high profile celebrities embarking on new or different avenues then what they are known for?  What makes it so bad is Janet was better known for her acting before she was a pop chart destroyer.

Apparently you have to go in viewing this movie knowing that it was a play in order to fully appreciate it.  I liken it to a musical without music but poetry, I call it a 'Poetical'. 
Everything about this movie was mesmerizing until 15 mins left in the film... Loretta Devine's character broad stroked ALL men in a monologue she was giving on top of a roof.  Up until that point the movie earned an A+, after that I have to drop it one letter grade. Not because I'm sore at her but now that lowers the movie.  It permits narrow mindedness, shallowness... You would have to be a complete moron to think that all, or even most men will subject you to the harsh predicaments that these women faced in this movie.
So this film earns a B+ but I would most definitely get the DVD when it comes out! 

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