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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Social Network Official


The Pitch

The story behind the social media phenomenon facebook. Chronicling the inception of the face book and the struggle that occurs between friends when a computer programming genius seeks revenge from a broken heart. In the seek to event a popular college driven social sight were intellectual property rights broken or is everyone out to make a dollar?

The View
 If you are not apart of the facebook community it would behoove you to see this film. You should be at least curious as to why your friends, family, and grandmom stay talking about this site.  You should want to know why you can't go anywhere online or look at a commercial on television or see a passing bulletin without seeing a share link to facebook. If you are on facebook and you haven't already gone to see this flick... why not?  Oh, I get it; You think that it may be a boring movie, MmmHmm I see [nodding my head]... Well your not that far from the farm, I mean, the only action sequences I can remember is some running and a guy gets his laptop smashed on the desk.  You may remember both those instances from the trailer HOWEVER, this movie was ANYTHING but boring.  There was so much information and great dialogue to digest that I left half my popcorn on the floor and I'm not known to leave an empty bag of MJR theater popcorn.  This is what I thought Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps would have been.
They brought out explanations and the course of thinking back to the origin of The Facebook when it was exclusively for college students. They provided, for and Marketing students that may be reading this, the importance of qualifying and exclusivity. There were people involved in the development of Facebook that took me by complete surprise.  I mean even the shots at Harvard were mesmerizing.  I was able to grasp the whole college/ Harvard experience with exceptional campus cinematography and some great acting.  Those Harvard twins where funny to me, they provided our main character(s) with a formidable foe as well as being able to touch the audience with their side of the story... Very interesting stuff,  I wouldn't mind seeing this one again.  I give this movie an A.  I just can't think of any way that they can improve this movie.  My LORD was this movie Worth Watching!!!

The Worth
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