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Saturday, September 25, 2010

'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' Trailer HD


The Pitch
Gordon Gekko, ex-trader for Wall Street pirate is being released.  Looks as if he's been rehabilitated and using his knowledge of the old/current financial market to peddle his books and give seminars.  Meanwhile a young, enthusiastic young Wall Street trader is not only seeking Gordon's  daughter's hand in marriage but seeking a mentor... Can Gordon be trusted?  Is he really a financial anthropologist or is this just all part of 'the game?'

The View
 I understand this to be a sequel.  Although I missed the first Wall Street it didn't seem to hinder my viewer experience with this movie.  The script developed the characters quite nicely. A lot of the stock trading mumble jumbo and financial jargon missed me but I was able to comprehend most of it.  Nice job to writers for respecting a semi-intelligent audience and not assuming that we don't have a clue about this stuff and take time out the story to take us through Stock Trading 101 i.e trading Places [loved that movie though!]
Josh, Shia and, of course, Micheal Douglas shined.  The supporting cast did an excellent job as well however,
I seemed to breathe long heavy breaths while I was watching this movie.  The pace was a little slower than it needed to be and it made the movie seem long.  Ultimately, the conflict resolution was mild, to me. The conclusion of this story did not affect me at all.  I almost felt like the movie didn't entertain nor grab me... enlighten me, yes!!!  Satisfied? No.
I'm giving this film a C+ and a marginal Worth Watching.

The Worth
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