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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Town


The Pitch
A band of extremely dangerous and heavily armed bandits from Boston are robbing banks very frequently. On one particular heist they pick up a hostage that they let walk.  Somehow one of the bandits reunite with her and  falls in love with her.  How can this work?  Will she ever realize who the man she fell for really is?

The View
 This movie was really good.  A friend of mine said the editing sucks [in so many words] and I agree.  Besides that I thought the movie was very compelling. The action scenes were intense and the level of intelligence on both the cops and the crooks side was scary[in a good way]. There are few things better than a 'smart' action flick with a dash of 'thrill' in the batter... very few. Climax scenes were intense to say the least while maintaining, what I like to call, the believability factor; So I gave it a B+.
Worth Watching but if you haven't seen 'Devil', go see Devil first then come back to this :) 

The Worth
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