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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

'Takers' Trailer HD


The Pitch 
A group of stylish bank robbers draw you into a world of crime with a heightened level of sophistication and finesse, until one of the ostracized members of the group is released from prison and comes to TAKE his portion and set the group up for a major down fall. 

The View
 Conroy-   One of the things I did not know going in the show is that T.I , Chris Brown and Morris Chestnut were all executive producers of this film. Not knowing that I sat in this film amazed!  Now that I know that, I sit back and reminiscence and finally marvel at what they were able to put together!  One thing that astounded me was the successful use of the 'action cam'!!! FINALLY!!!  That technique was done properly in this film.  No sense of vertigo, and I was able to follow effortlessly. I love the reference to the movie" Italian Job" to describe a potential caper. I also like the exchange between Idris's character and his sister.   I thought I knew how that relationship would effect the plot in the story but I was wrong.  That's why I love movies; great story telling!!! If I can't figure it out then the story goes from good to great in my book!!! 
It was weird seeing Darth Vader [Haden Christensen] in this role because he was deceptively dorky, I guess it was his style.  He gets a bad rep for his acting but I don't feel as if his acting sucks.  I also don't feel T.I's acting was that bad either. T.I's strong southern accent and slow speech equates poor acting to most of the people that know him from rapping.  Looking at his performance objectively the intonation in his speaking, his mannerisms, and misplaced attempts at humor defined the mysterious intentions of the character he played.
This movie is Worth Watching and I give it a B!!!

The Worth
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