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Monday, September 6, 2010

'The Switch' Trailer HD


The Pitch
Two platonic friends end up in a quandary when one of them decides to have a child in an unconventional way. Meanwhile the other friend makes a mistake and places his seed in the donor cup.  How could this happen?  What are the ramifications?  Will he ever tell her of the deed?  Will she find out on her own? This is perceived to be a comedy.

The View
Conroy-  Firstly, ANY film with  Justin Bateman in it is perceived to be a comedy.  This one had the look and feel of "The Break-Up" with Vince Vaughn and Jenifer Aniston.  However, this movie [The Switch] was a little bit more funny than tragic. Jeff Goldblum was good as a supporting actor.  He can seemingly have chemistry with ANY actor or actress in Hollywood. 
Now the events of this movie are leaked [once again!] through the lengthy preview/trailer for the movie.  The movie was still very watchable and spawned many discussions afterwards... Is there really a such thing as a 'platonic friendship' between male and female?  Would you get artificial insemination? What would you do if you were the donor? Blah, blah and blah.. but my biggest question/gripe is how do you get THAT tore up [not a spoiler thanks to the trailer] that you can't remember ANYTHING that you did the night before?  I'm sure it's possible with alcohol and drugs but not just with alcohol.  There is yet another movie in which Bateman's character gets so wasted that he can't give anny account for the previous days activitys.  It is called "Extract" and it is WAYYYYY funnier and much more believable.
Anywho, as my younger sister would say, I enjoyed it.  The movie's inevitable moment of reckoning was quite invigorating, at least more than I thought it would be and I ultimately enjoyed it; So it receives a solid B from me and it is definitely... Worth Watching:)

The Worth

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