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Monday, September 6, 2010

'The American' Trailer HD


The Pitch
A 'one last job' flick. Whatever his profession is he's very skilled. His past is full of terrible things and apparently not very sure that he can be redeemed. Will he be able to 'get out' of whatever it is that he is in to? 

The View
Conroy-  This film was gorgeous. Cinematography was excellent!  The only problem, well one of the problems is the pace.  The American had the tempo of "Citizen Kane"... may have been a little slower than that. This movie suffered from it's opening scene as beautiful as the landscape was it was just too unsettling to say the least.  So unsettling in fact that the chain reaction of that event effected my sympathy for the main character through-out the entire film.  The opposite of the viewing experience for 'No Country for Old Men' if you will.  
The times when the movie was suppose to be exhilarating ended up being a notch north of moderate... based on my prior movie going experience this movie didn't really show me anything new. I dunno, your experience may differ.  I give this movie a marginal C+ but I would probably never sit through this movie again. Worth Watching... at home. :)

The Worth 

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