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Friday, August 20, 2010

'Lottery Ticket' Trailer HD


The Pitch
One of three best friends from the neighborhood win the lotto and all heck breaks loose. What happens when you take a chance on the lotto and win? Mix in a whole cast of the most extreme urban charcters and a dose of wisdom from an aged Ice Cube and your answer is a lot of laughs.

The View
Conroy- What we got was a few laughs and an 'ehhh' experience once it was all said and done. Don't get me wrong, the movie was funny and had it's moments but those moments were far and too few in between.

Let me take a minute to talk about a dangerous trend with these trailers. The movie industry is showing way too much of the films in these previews & trailers! This movie greatly suffered from that, and lacked the charisma to make up for it. Instead it was a calculated map drawn up by the trailer for us to take a paved road straight to the credits. I hate that. Why not use deleted scenes from the floor of the edit room to decorate these trailers huh?!? EVERY director loathes going into the edit room and chopping up their masterpiece. This would be an excellent way to keep the work published and viewable before the 'bonus feature' add on the DVD/bluray 4 months down the road [only a handful of us that goes through that bonus stuff... another kudos to you if you are one of those people]. The "Predators" trailer is an excellent example of this. Misdirection is a beautiful tactic when trying to entertain... use it!
Brandon T. Jackson was a high point to me as 'Smokey' jr.[Friday], and so was dude from The Wire. Also, Cube's monologues in mostly all of his productions are of good value. I give this movie a C+ ... Worth Watching.

The Worth


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