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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Expendables


The Pitch

Looks like the boys are back in town and not just for another 48 hrs...  They look like they are serious about staying.  Every relevant muscle-armed action star from the last 3 decades made this film minus Patrick Swayze,  and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Looks like a contest of who has the highest level of testosterone in this ‘shoot-em-up’.  They are a bunch of bad-to -the -bone mercenaries that seemingly don’t know how to fail.

The View
    This movie was Awesome!!! I don't know how Stallone does it, but his movies are brilliant when the topic swirls around revenge [something that I thought Mel Gibson would be the king at until "Edge of Darkness"].  His movies also don't have the most believable action scenes i.e think Mr.T's head jerking back as Sly's glove stops a foot from is face; or any flick where he's the ONLY person that knows how to aim... but for some reason they work.  Recently, they've more than worked... his action sequences and adrenaline drunk climatic scenes have been consistent with amazing and unparalleled with ANYthing that I've seen from anyone else as of late... Again I say WOW!
Also, what a great actor in Mickey Rourke, how can he be on screen in the amount of time that he had and add SO much depth!!!!  His monologue was incredible to say the least and it also added something that I could relate to in order to fully understand the decisions that were made.  Definitely going back to see this one before it leaves the theater, you can bet that!! Worth Watching again, then again; I give this one the strongest B++  or A- (pick) that I could give.  Simply loved this movie though it's not a film (if that makes sense to you, kudos).

The Worth


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