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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salt - trailer (2010) HD HQ


The Pitch
The detainment of an unusual Russian within a CIA interrogation room warns of a highly trained (KA-12)Russian Spy with the intent to kill the American President.  He then points at Angelina Jolie. Now she must convince her peers that she is not who the mysterious Russian says she is.  City wide woman hunt, car chases and standoffs headed by America's most elite, can she survive? Can she prove her innocence? Is she a spy? Who is... SALT?

The View
Conroy-  I had no intentions of watching this movie, ESPECIALLY after her role in the horrid mothion picture'WANTED'. My expectations for this movie mirrored that of 'WANTED' but I was surprisingly wrong. I really liked this movie.  If you are a person that has to forensically micro-analyze the believeability of every shot, jump, move, or situation in an action flick you might grimace at some of this movies intense moments.  If your ready for a thrilling, (summer)smart, movie that you can really get into, this is it.
   Definitely Worth Watching, I give it a strong B+.

The Worth

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