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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Predators 2010 Movie Trailer [HD]

The Pitch: 
Didn't see a lot of advertising for this one... WHY?!?!? This movie should have been marketed A LOT better than it was. The trailer suggest that there are a group of people that ended up on this planet unknowingly. Apparently, the planet is a game preserve for the unthinkables and now the group has to survive... Will they?

The View:     

Conroy-  From the start I was concerned if we would receive a good story, we did:) Also, from the same start, I was mesmerized by the original 'Predator' score and a detailed jungle.  Two ingredients, if put together right, would predetermine a favorable movie experience by me.  ALL the characters were intriguing from start to finish not to mention a few a few SURPRISES!
Action was plentiful, the twist were more random than they were calculated and even the parts that slowed down were still intense to me.  Subplots and plenty of arcs in the cast of the 'unfortunates' to keep you INTO the flick till the finality of the retro 80's font credits hit the screen. 
Gave this movie a solid A!!! Even though I would of liked to see more emotion when they realized that they were not on earth... that was not a spoiler per trailer. 
The Worth: $$$$$
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