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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Knight & Day - Launch Trailer

The Pitch:  Has the look & feel of a romantic comedy gone Mission Impossible. This movie looks like a "summer movie" filled with extremities that may not be plausible overall but 'fun'. Danger, charm and twists all while maintaining some form of comedy.

The View: 

Conroy-  Looking at the film I was engaged from the start.  The movie had a favorable pace and maintained it.  I was genuinely interested in both Cameron's and Tom's characters.  The strength of the villain in this one  was respectful which made for an interesting plot/twist. Tom was able to keep an admirable charm through the entire flick. While Diaz's naiveness, per trailer, seemed appropriate and didn't stretch too far like most stories similar to this one.  Ultimately, I received a tad more than I was expecting when I walked in, although my expectation level was set at 'average'.  I gave it a C+ and like Amanda, I agree, go only if your looking for a romantic fun filled action packed night out. This movie is also rent worthy when it becomes available.

Quick side note... Leave "The Killers" alone. 

The Worth:  $$$
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