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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Despicable Me - Official Trailer #4: Minions Steal YouTube

The Pitch: 
A movie with a reverberated view about a super-villain. "Just because he's a bad guy, doesn't really mean that he's a bad guy" flick.  Enter three cute little girls, and an army of even more cute, non-threatening, high yellow minions [each with it's own personality]  and a badder guy inflicting more evil upon the earth.

The View:     

Conroy-  Basically, I felt that I may have saw this story already just in a different movie.  So instead of assessing a familiar plot I want to evaluate how much fun I had getting from point "A" to a predicted point "B".  Speaking of the  word "B" I gave this flick a solid "B".  With movies like "The Incredible  and more recently, "How to Train your Dragon" the bar is set relatively high for an 'A'.  Obviously, Gru, the main character, has to "soften" up because of the three girls.  It's inevitable!!!  That process, even though you see it coming, was still pleasant, warm and funny.  Although it won't tug at your heart-strings as much as it's predecessors it is still effective and essential for a good story.  I really liked it.  Being a huge Steve Carell fan, I would of probably like it regardless although in here I try to stay as unbiased as possible.  His Ukrainian-ish accent and the manor of which he is drawn makes it impossible not to have a smirk on your face before he even does anything... those little minions help too.  

The Worth: $$$
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